What Our Clients Say

Had the premium been prohibitive, unnecessary benefits, overly strict and unreasonable exclusion, we would not be considering group medical insurance for our staff needs.

The coverage recommended was appropriate to the needs of us, as a company and our individual employees. We have received excellent service, questions are addressed quickly and efficiently and there is always consistent follow-up.

Mr Ross Beattle, Deputy Principle
Enhance Education Sdn Bhd

With healthcare protection, I have peace of mind and do not have to worry financially when my children are sick. They are able to obtain the best medical care anytime at most of the hospitals at Penang. After a few hospitalizations by my children, I know I have chosen the right person. Healthcare is always Doreen’s top priority and she will goes all the way out to help should you need any assistance.

Teh Lay Hong, Accounts Officer

I am looking for someone who can provide consistent service, professional, knowledgeable and well informed of the financial industry to help me plan my family’s financial goals & retirement planning. I say, I have found what I am looking for and am sure anyone would say the same too.

Puan Noor Aini Bt Ya’akop, Executive Officer