Education Planning

EDUCATION is priceless ! It’s the BEST GIFT you can provide for your children.

How then, do you safeguard your child’s education future ?

Good early Financial Planning is the key to paying for your child’s college education.

The price you pay for your child’s education will vary depending whether they go to a local or oversea universities.

1) Planning ahead

The checklist can help you plan how to fund your child’s education
a) Calculate the total cost of your child’s education
b) Work out the extra’s eg living expenses, books, stationery etc
c) Keep a budget and cashflow

2) Funding of your child’s education

There are a number of options for financing your child’s education.

Some options might include :
a) Investment funds
b) Shorter term savings
c) Scholarships, subsidies or grants
d) Property investment

3) Review regularly and make adjustments

Monitor your progress at least once a year.
Revise your portfolio and move to conservative assets as you approach the time when you need the funds.

Saving for your child’s education is a priority for many parents. It pays to take charge and start planning NOW.